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Our Viking Chickens

Icelandic chickens are a landrace breed from, you guessed it, Iceland!! They come in many colors with various shaped combs and various forms of plumage.

My first flock was from Harvey Ussery in Virginia. When we made the decision to move our homestead to Asheville, North Carolina, we sold the entire flock since it would be impossible to move them at that time.  It was a sad day to me, when I sold them, because my flock was well established and I adored them.

After nearly four years of getting our new homestead settled, I finally ordered my new batch of Icelandic chicks from David Grote at Whippoorwill Farm in Wisconsin   ( I ordered 25 chicks from a mix of all four lines, and wound up with an almost perfect 50/50 ratio of hens to roosters (12 hens, 13 roosters). After growing them out, deciding which rooster would make the cut as the Head Honcho, we put our extra roosters in the freezer and watched the rest of our flock grow into beautiful, mature birds.

We love our Icies and are looking forward to seeing our next generation hatch this spring, and we plan to order a flock from a separate line in the near future. We will have eggs, chicks, and maybe even a few sexed juveniles available for sale in the near future. Please email us, or keep an eye on our For Sale page for more information!


I now have a breeding flock of pure Husatofir line Icelandic chickens!

Pure Husatofir line Icelandic chickens

Hatching eggs- $40 per dozen

*Day-old chicks- $5 each

*Juveniles (unsexed)- $10 each

*Started pullets- $20 each (will include free rooster with the purchase of five pullets)

*Laying hens- $35 each (free rooster with the purchase of five hens)

*Juvenile rooster- $10

*Mature rooster- $25

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