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I, the breeder, reserve the right to retain or refuse the sale of any kid, at any time. Deciding on which kid to retain in my herd has nothing to do with color, but everything to do with the conformation of the kids. The breeder always reserves the right to retain the best of the litter. Note that just because a kid is not being retained is not due to the lack of quality! But rather that one kid may outshine the others in terms of structure, correctness, dairy character, or even temperment. Also, I, as the breeder, reserve the right of first refusal of any goat later sold by the herd name "Sky Paint."

Doe kids and buck kids are sold with filled-out registration applications, adults are sold with their registration papers signed and ready to be transferred to their new owner (it is the buyer's responsibility to mail in the signed registration), and copies of CAE and Johnes test results from the most recent whole-herd test. All kids are disbudded, tattooed (wethers are not tattooed), and up to date on CDT. Note that young kids are NOT tested for CAE or Johnes because they are under-age.

If interested in a goat kid, a potential buyer has 24 hours to place a $100 non-refundable deposit per doe, $200 per buck, and/or $50 per wether via PayPal (preferred) or cash.

If interested in a doe in milk or mature buck, the buyer has 24 hours to place 50% of the listed price as a deposit. Starting price for a doe in milk is $700, starting prices for a mature buck is $500. As with goat kids, the price for a matured adult go up with the earned credentials/titles.

Without a deposit, a goat is not to be considered as "reserved." No exceptions.

The remaining balance per goat kid is due on the day the kid turns 8 weeks of age. Full payment on an adult is due before pickup, and within 30 days of the deposit being placed. Deposit is forfeited after 30 days on an adult if the goat is not picked up.

Goat kids MUST be paid in full before delivery or pick-up. Delivery or pick-up must be arranged by the time the kid turns eight weeks. During the kid's eighth week, the buyer will not be charged for boarding. If the kid is not picked up during the eighth week, then a $25-per-week fee will be charged, and the balance must be paid in full before delivery or pick-up. The $25 per-week board fee must be paid by the end of each week.

After eight weeks, if the buyer fails to pick up the goat kid on the agreed upon date (a no-show), or if the buyer changes his/her mind, the balance of the kid and all boarding fees are non-refundable. A pick-up date must be agreed to by both the buyer and the breeder, and it must be honored. Of course, life happens! So in the event of "life happening," if the pick-up date must be changed, then notice must be made as soon as possible.

If for any reason a goat kid cannot be sold (evidence of illness, a deformity, death, or if the kid must be retained because of the illness, deformity or death of the previously retained sibling), a refund of the deposit and any other balances paid will be made immediately.

No goat is sold with the guarantee of fertility, longevity, or lasting soundness. All goats leave the farm in excellent health, but since I have no way of knowing under what conditions any sold goat will be living in when off of my farm, I simply cannot guarantee health and longevity past the point of leaving my farm. Keeping the animal in excellent health is the buyer's responsibility once the animal leaves the farm.

All goats are sold with FULL disclosure of any concerns or history of concerns.

**NO GOAT IS RESERVED WITHOUT A DEPOSIT** I will not hold goats without a deposit, and prices are firm. 


2023 Available Goat Kids


Primrose Hill U Caramello (*B pending)


Farm Oldesouth WP Classic VEEV89 (6*M pending)

DOB- February 24, 2023

Doe- $1000 RETAINED

Cou Clair buck- $900 RESERVED

Golden brown buck- $900 AVAILABLE

Golden brown buck- AVAILABLE


Cou Clair Doe- RETAINED

Cou Clair buck- RESERVED


We will have hatching eggs from our flock of Husatofir line Icelandic chickens as well as coturnix quail eggs FOR SALE! Please contact us with any questions!

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