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Senior Does

SG Asylum Hill S Three Ahna Match AR 2*M



DOB 5/9/2012

ADGA ID: D1597433


Sire: AGS Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm

SS: AGS Doe-Sy-Doe TA Appomattox

SD: Doe-Sy-Doe FS Scarlet Rose


Dam: AGS Wooly Dog Down Ahnahstahzyahs VEEV89

DS: AGS Wooly Dog Down Zip Coon Dancer

DD: AGS Country Bumpkins Wild Wisteria


Ahna, a flashy red and white doe with blue eyes, is our foundation doe. She was a doe I was boarding simply for the extra milk. But it did not take long to fall in love with her and decide to keep her!

Aside from her amazing disposition, she has a milker's-dream udder. She milks out fast and flat with a well-attached udder, has perfectly-sized teats for my hands, and earned her milk star and Advanced Registry on the first year she was tested (as a second freshener). She also kids very easily, never having any complications or needing assistance, even though her first freshening she produced a huge buckling. Ahna earned Superior Genetics in 2019 and is aging very well. I hope to have many more years with her, even well after she retires.


Her pedigree is not one I would have sought to be the beginning of our herd because I simply didn't know enough about genetics at the time when we began, however she has definitely earned her place within this herd. So despite the fact that, knowing what I now know, I would have gone with a doe with a very different pedigree, I am elated to have this doe and am grateful that she is with us.

Kidding history:

1F- single buckling

2F- buck/doe twins

3F- buck/doe twins

4F- triplets, two bucks and one doe

5F- triplets, one buck and two does

6F- triplets, one buck and two does

7F- triplets, one buck and two does

8F- buck/doe twins

Sky Paint TTR Horizon Line AR 3*M VEEV89


DOB 3/25/2016

ADGA ID: D1787104

Youngstock LA 2016 V++, V overall 
LA 2018 +VVA83
LA 2019 VVV+86

LA2021: VEEV89

Sire: Lady Walkers ATL Ticket to Rye +B AR VEE89

SS: Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis*B

SD: Dreahook AF Mirabeau 

Dam: SG Asylum Hill S Three Ahna Match 1*M AR VEEE90

DS: AGS Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm 

DD: AGS Wooly Dog Down Ahnahstahzyahs VEEV89


Horizon is my daughter's 4H doe, and has proven to be an excellent choice. She has a lot of dairy character and has the largest, easiest-to-milk teats in my herd. Her udder continues to improve with every freshening (as you can see in the udder photos! WOW!), and has a very well attached and overall very correct mammary system. I can hardly wait to have her appraised as a fourth freshener and watch that "plus" that she received as a second freshener jump up to a V or an E!

Horizon kids with ease and without assistance. I am very proud of this home bred doe.


Kidding History:

FF- single doe

2F- buck/doe twins
3F- buck/doe twins

4F- buck/doe twins

Above left, Horizon's FF udder. Above right, 2F udder. Below, her 3F udder. She wins the prize for most improved!

Horizon, above, at 6 months old. To the left, she is pictured at two years old.


SG Sky Paint TTR Heidi AR 4*M VEEV90

DOB 3/24/2016

ADGA ID: D1790204


Youngstock LA 2016 V+V, V overall
First Freshening LA 2018 V+V+84
LA 2019: VEVV88

LA 2021: VEEV90


Sire: Lady Walkers ATL Ticket to Rye +B AR VEE89

SS: Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis *B

SD: Dreahook Mirabeau

Dam: Waterloo Pond PSZ Theia 3*M LA VVVV87

DS: AGS Pocket Sized VF Zoltan *S V+V85 1xGCH 5xRGCH

DD: SG Wooly Dog Down Water Wings 2*M EEEV90


Heidi is a beautiful 2016 doe. She has made the junior grand champion lineup once, and the reserve junior grand champion lineup three times. She has a very nice, wide rump that is nearly level from hips to pins and thurl to thurl. As one judge commented, she's just a Plain Jane little brown doe, but she has a lot to offer in the show ring and has proven to be a productive doe.

Heidi's udder is beautiful and is high and tight to her body. She milks easily and is an amazing mother, kidding all by herself.

Kidding History:

FF- buck/doe twins

2F- twin bucks

3F- twin bucks

4F- twin bucks

Below left, Heidi as a 6 month old. Below right, Heidi as a 2 year old.

Sky Paint KOH Lilliput


DOB 2/23/2019

ADGA ID: D2016597

Sire- Waterloo Pond T King of Hearts +VV84

SS- Proctor Hill Farm Troubadour VEE90

SD- SG Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger 4*M AR  EVEV90

Dam- Sky Paint Jet Black Jenny 1*M AR +VV+85

DS- Lady Walkers ATL Ticket to Rye +B VEE89

DD- Proctor Hill Farm Thera ++VA81


From the moment of Lilliput's birth, we were 100% smitten with her. At barely over 1.5lbs, she was the tiniest, most beautiful little doe I have ever seen! She is maturing into a lovely little milking doe with amazing udder texture and very easy to milk teats. She is a wonderful mother with perfect milk-stand manners and kidded easily without any assistance. Every time I look out over my herd of does, Lilliput always catches my eye with her long neck, level topline and wide, level rump. She walks with a well-balanced grace and is very intelligent and easy to handle. 

Kidding History

FF- Single doe

2F- Buck/doe twins

Jenny and Lilliput.jpg
Lilliput udder.jpg

Hidden Palms K Lemon Heads AR 3*M VVEV88

DOB 1/15/2018

ADGA ID# PD1912214

Sire- Hidden Palms JD Kink +*B VV+86

SS- GCH Farm Oldesouth SD James Dean ++*B VVV86

SD- SGCH Hidden Gems Son Vanilla Blues AR 1*M VVEV89

Dam- SGCH Hidden Palms AM Skittles AR 2*M VEEE90

DS- Hidden Gems GK Famous Amos *B VVV 86

DD- Old Mountain Farm Freckles AR 1*M V+EV86

I was on the search for Farm Oldesouth genetics, which led me to Primrose Hill Farm in Virginia. I inquired about does that the breeder was considering selling, and while I was searching for a different doe, Lemon became part of the deal!

Lemon is next in line for the Herd Queen when our Ahna decides to retire. Lemon is easy to milk, has beautiful attachments, is very sweet and easy to work with, and produces a LOT of milk. We look forward to all that she will do for our herd!


Farm Oldesouth WP Classic VEEV89


DOB 4/7/2018

ADGA ID# PD1974529

Sire- GCH Gypsy Moon WP War Party ++B

SS- GCH Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint +*B EVE90

SD- CH Gypsy Moon SB Mia Meany VEVE90

Dam- GCH Farm Oldesouth SR La Rouge AR 5*M VEEV89

DS- AGS Oldesouth Sun Ray +B

DD- SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond AR 4*M +VVE87

We were on the search for Farm Oldesouth genetics, which led us to Primrose Hill Farm in Virginia. I spoke with the owner of Primrose Hill, and asked specifically if she had any Farm Oldesouth genetics for sale. I hadn't even looked at the breeder's website yet. The breeder replied with the name of a Farm Oldesouth doe that she was considering selling, and when I researched the specific doe and her pedigree, I gasped and thought, "Goodness... are you sure..?!" And that is how Classic came to be ours! We bought Classic along with her buddy, Lemon. We are very much looking forward to getting this doe in the show ring and putting her on milk test. She is very easy to milk and very correct! She has filled out a great deal even since these last pictures were taken, and is maturing into a very deep, lovely doe. When our linear appraiser saw her in May, 2021 he said "Now this is a doe to watch! This is what you want to breed a Nigerian to look like." Those are words that every breeder wants to hear!

Reference Does


Sky Paint KOH Julie AR 4*M



Julie's second freshening udder


DOB 1/14/2017

ADGA ID: D1843153

2019 LA score: ++EV85

2021 LA scrore: +EEE88

Sire: Waterloo Pond T King Of Hearts, +VV84

SS: Proctor Hill Farm Troubadour, VVV86

SD: AR Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger 4*M 3*D 4xGCH 2xBDIS, LA 2016 EEE+87 

Dam- Waterloo Pond PSZ Theia 3*M, LA 2017 VVV+85

DS- AGS Pocket Sized VF Zolton,V+V85

DD- Wooly Dog Down Waterwings 2*M EEEV90

I am VERY happy with Julie's udder texture, production and attachments! She is really pumping out the milk, at 80 days fresh she had already produced over half of the required milk, butterfat and protein to earn her milk star and Advanced Registry as a first freshener. Julie surprised me with triplets as a first freshener, and has excellent milk stand manners. She has qualified for her milk star and Advanced Registry before she was 7 months fresh.

Kidding history

FF- triplets, one buck and two does

2F- triplets, one buck and two does

3F- triplets, one buck and two does

Julie, at one day old, left. Right, Julie as a 6 month old.


Sky Paint TTR Jet Black Jenny AR 1*M

DOB 3/10/2017

ADGA ID: D1869859

2019 LA score: ++A+82

2021 LA: +VV+85

Sire- Lady Walkers ATL Ticket To Rye +B AR VEE89

SS- Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis *B

SD- Dreahook AF Mirabeau

Dam- Proctor Hill Farm Thera ++VA 81

DS- SG NC Promisedland RB Bolero *B +EV85

DD- SG AGS Proctor Hill Farm BW Calliste AR 2*M V+EV87

Imagine my surprise when an all black doeling was produced from a cream colored doe and a buckskin buck! She had the cutest little face and so much spunk for such a tiny doe.

Jenny freshened with an amazing udder; very soft, very easy to milk, and she earned her star and Advanced Registry straight away. I love watching this doe mature from a long, leggy, awkward teenager into a deeper-bodied, high-producing senior doe.

Kidding History:

FF- buck/doe twins

2F- twin does

3F- Single buck

Jenny and Lilliput.jpg

Sky Paint MT Kalypso VEEV88


Kalypso, at 8 weeks old (right) and at 6 months old (below)


DOB 2/5/2018

ADGA ID: D1921681

Sire- Cool Springs Moose Tracks *B A+V81

SS- Cool Springs Farms C Taterchip *B

SD- GCH Gypsy Moon SZ Tigressa 1*M VEVE89

Dam- SG Asylum Hill S Three Ahna Match AR 1*M VEEE90

DS- AGS Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm

DD- AGS Wooly Dog Down Ahnahstahzyahs VEEV89

Adoreable Kalypso, with her big moonspots and blue eyes! As a teeny kid she looked like she was a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. It was a hard decision, trying to decide who to keep: Kalypso or her littermate sister Konstanze. I loved them both! But Kalypso was just slightly wider than her sister in rump. Her ribs were just a little more open. Her chest was just a bit more pronounced. So Kalypso it was (even though I still miss little Konstanze, and hope someday her current owner will sell her back to me!). Kalypso is a very sweet doe that is very easy to work with. She has the same body capacity as her dam with a nice, strong muzzle. Of course, I am glad I kept her!

Kalypso freshened with a very capacious udder and very easy to milk teats! The rear udder view in the above pictures shows Kalypso's first freshening udder that isn't even full! She was nursing two buck kids and was so full at 12 hours fresh that I let her bucks nurse her a bit before clipping her up and taking a few pictures. She will be on milk test for 2021 and I expect her to easily earn her star and advanced registry.

Kidding History:

FF- twin bucks

2F- single doe

3F- buck/doe twins

Sky Paint JK Lorelai


DOB 3/13/2019

ADGA ID: D2016598

Sire: Lady Walkers V Jester King

SS: Buffalo Clover VAL Versace*B VEV88

SD: Lady Walkers ATL Juniper Rye VEVV87


Dam: Sky Paint KOH Jasmine

DS: Waterloo Pond T King Of Hears +VV84

DD: Asylum Hill S Three Ahna Match AR 1*M VEEE90


Lorelai is an amazing little doe!! Her rump is very wide and level, just like her dam's. She is long-bodied and has a very nice level topline (hopefully I can get better pictures soon... so you can see just how lovely she really is!!). She is very sweet and affectionate, as well! While creating this space for her on the website, I realized I never took a picture of her udder to post! That will change soon, since she is due to kid soon.

Kidding History:

FF- single doe

2F- triplet does